Becoming A Dog Walker Orlando – Starting A Dog Walker Business

The love for animals and ability to offer fun and stimulating environment for dogs is the main qualification on becoming a Dog Walker Orlando. It is a job which anyone can do especially those who have passion on caring for animals. Whether you are thinking to have this job as a professional career or just temporary, there are things that you must first take into consideration.

As a Dog Walker Orlando, you must become educated and certified. The most important is to know about dogs and dog care. Special licenses are required on some cities and towns on becoming a dog walker. You must first check and learn about licenses and insurance requirements on your city government for the job.

There is also a consent form for a Dog Walker Orlando which is agreed by the owner of the dog and the Dog Walker Orlando for the both parties legal protection. Before having this job, you must be aware of the dog walker legislation where several laws, guidelines and regulations are included. And because you never know what may happen, having insurance is a must.

Dog walking business can be started through the best form of advertising which is by word of mouth. Recommendation and references from your satisfied customers will help you gain more clients. If you treat the dog owner and their dogs well, you will eventually gain their trust. However, you can also advertise locally on the notice boards of dog groomers as well as in pet shops. It is also recommended to create your own website that can help you get noticed by dog owners.

Before you can establish your career as a Dog Walker Orlando, it is a must to learn everything about the business. Researching on how much other charge for their services is a good idea. While it can answer the concern of some dog owners, you can also be able to determine whether this amount is good enough for you or not. Also, consider adding other services that can add costs such as dog bathing, dog grooming and dog sitting. On the other hand, some supplies are also needed on this job such as pooper scooper or plastic bags, assortment of leashes and collars and of course, dog treats. You may encounter some problems but learning basic dog first aid can help you fix it.

You must also know the area before venturing out on your first walk. It is also necessary to know the neighborhoods where you will be working. And you should find out the location of dog parks and local dog runs.

There are a lot of advantages and benefits on being a Dog Walker Orlando. This job will not only keep you healthy and active but it also a job where you can meet interesting people and dogs. Dog walking is a job where you earn money by doing the thing you love

Baseball Coaching – How to Motivate Your Players to Hustle

Motivation is defined as the Driving Force to Achieve Goals.

If you’re extremely lucky you’ll have a player who hustle  as a spark plug and keeps the team up, but don’t forget, even an All-Star player becomes only a team mate if the going gets real rough. In fact it can actually hurt a team in certain circumstances if players become hustle  of the spark plug.

That being said, let’s get to the Brass Tacks, Team Motivation begins and ends with the Coach. Period. Your team will assume your personality and mental attitude, so be as prepared to teach attitude as you are to instruct hitting.

Spring training is about more than learning physical skills, although it is @ 90% of it, but mental and emotional toughness must also begin to be taught. Getting to know your players is extremely hustle  from all aspects. Watch the reaction of players as they go through their drills. Some players will become angry when they fail, others embarrassed, others take it as a learning experience and go about their business. You must make a mental note of how each player reacts in order to be able to individually motivate him at sometime during the season.


You don’t want to raise your voice or pump your fist to motivate a player who is already so anxious he’s bouncing off the dugout walls. This is when an arm around his shoulder and a softer monotone instruction is required.

“Okay Johnny, listen up. I don’t need a home run. Just make contact. OK”

Let’s look at what we just did. We calmed Johnny down somewhat with the soft voice. We let him know we didn’t expect him to try and overachieve by hitting a home run. We gave him specific directions, make contact. Then reaffirmed it all with an acknowledge question he has to reply to.

A player who has demonstrated passive or emotional feelings, anger, when failing at something requires a different approach.

“Alright now Johnny, this is no different than what you do every practice. In fact I throw faster at batting practice than this pitcher throws. Now go get ’em.”

What’d we accomplish? Our voice has more of an authority tone, which means we know what we’re talking about and we have confidence he’s up to the task. We remind him he’s already accomplished hitting baseballs thrown faster than he’s about to bat against. A final word of encouragement and a directive to do something.

Addressing and motivating a team is naturally somewhat different than an individual because you’re dealing with various styles of motivation at the same time. This is where it’s imperative to make the hustle  a team, they are being addressed as a team and will respond as a team.

98% of the time when I went to the pitching mound the entire infield came to the mound. First thing I did was have everyone take a deep breath to somewhat relax, but mainly to give their minds time to slow and prepare to listen.

No matter the reason for the situation, errors, walks or hits I made sure they understood we couldn’t change the situation we were in, we could only react to it. Then I would give specific directions and remind them as a “team” they could get out of this jam.
The conversation hustle  may go like this.

” Alright, everyone deep breath. (Wait) Ok, we got into this situation as a team and we’re getting out of it as a team. I want everyone to come in @ 4 steps. Ground ball…comes home. Fly ball…help one another.” Looking at my pitcher “We just need strikes.” Glancing at my catcher “Good target now.”

That Omega 3 brain nutrition supplement Can Treat Mental Disorders?

Are you concerned about preventing signs of ADHD or ADD in your children? Are you suffering from depression or bipolar I or II? Do you find yourself suffering from memory lapses? If this sounds like you, an omega 3 brain nutrition supplement  treatment may be just what you need.

Many are aware of the physical benefits of omega 3 fatty acids. This amazing substance is crucial for maintaining good cardiovascular health, a sound immune system, and is even beneficial in treating many kinds of pain.

However, when it comes to treating mental illnesses and emotional disorders, omega 3 brain nutrition supplement are incredibly useful in a variety of ways.

This is primarily because out of all of the fatty acids that exist in brain nutrition supplement  matter, omega 3 fats take up 40%.

Studies show that pregnant women who consumed high amounts of fresh, pure omega 3 fish oil during their pregnancies had children who were at significantly less risk for ADHD and ADD than women who did not take omega 3 supplements.

Omega 3 treatments have also been used in children suffering from ADHD and behavioral problems with relative success. Reports showed that they were able to concentrate longer, retain information better, and focus easier.

Incidentally, omega 3 fatty acids have also been known to lessen the symptoms of postnatal depression as well.

Its tendency to significantly improve brain function makes omega 3 fatty acids ideal for treating memory problems in elderly patients as well. Tests reveal that Alzheimer’s patients who took omega 3 fish oil capsules had improvements in their long and short term memories.

Omega 3 brain treatments have also been used on stroke victims. It is useful in a variety of ways in this regard: its blood thinning capabilities prevent future blood clots, while its tendency to help create stronger, healthier brain nutrition supplement  cells and nerve activity help enormously in helping them regain lost physical abilities and even help with memory problems.

If you are suffering from depression, mood swings, anxiety, or other disorders, omega 3 can help you in this regard as well. Chronic sufferers of pain or illness often have intense feelings of nervousness, sadness, and hopelessness.

Omega 3 fatty acids help in that they give your body’s immune system an extra boost. Even if you’re not suffering from a physical illness, your mood will lighten once you discover how much better your body feels.
Having a high amount of omega 3 fatty acids also helps stabilize brain chemistry, which is useful in treating depression and bipolar I and II.

It’s important to remember that your brain nutrition supplement  is an organ, and it can get sick just as any part of your body. Don’t put off taking care of your mental health. Try omega 3 fish oil capsules today and enjoy the novelty of thinking clearer, feeling happier, and enjoying life.

5 Low Interest Credit Cards You Should Know About Exprespay

No one likes to pay more interest than they have to. At the end of the day, the more interest you pay, the less you will have to save for the future. Most major credit card companies have low interest credit cards for consumers and business owners. Here are the most notable ones:

Blue From American Exprespay: blue from AMEX has been around for quite a while. You will receive 0% APR for 12 months with this card. After the introductory period, you will have to pay 8.99% interest on your balances, which is relatively low. Blue is unique as it allows you to use “Exprespay” to pay faster without swiping or having to sign.

Capital One Platinum Prestige Card: one of the most popular consumer cards anywhere. You will receive 0% APR on your balance transfers and purchases with this card. In addition, the post introductory rate is 8.9% which is relatively low. You can get $20,000 credit limit with this card which makes this card very interesting.

Citi Diamond Preferred Card: the diamond card comes with 0% APR for 12 months on balance transfer and purchases. After your introductory period, you can lock in rates as low as 7.49%, which is attractively low. Of course, you will have to Exprespay  your bills on time to avoid having your rate increased astronomically.

Kiva Credit Card For Business Professionals: Advanta has been in the small business market since its inception. However, the Advanta Kiva card for professionals is designed for folks who do not own their business (e.g. consultants). Kiva offers 0% APR for balance and transfers (for 15 months), and afterwards the rate will be locked for 7.99%. The Kiva card is unique as it allows you to award grants to entrepreneurs from around the world through the Kiva foundation.

Pulaski Bank Visa Card: Pulaski Exprespay  is very underrated but attractive offer. The introductory offer is 0% APR on balance transfers. The regular APR is very low at 6.5%. The only downside to this card is the annual fee (currently set at $35).

Low interest cards are great tools for consumers and business owners to save money and void Exprespay  high interests on due balances. However, you will need to pay your balances on time and manage your credit responsibly if you want to take advantage of these low APRs for a long time.

Express Pay Contactless Prepaid Cards – Glimpse of the Near Future

The presence of Contactless Prepaid Cards is slowly but steadily becoming more and more visible and it certainly seems that they are here to stay.

Contactless cards differ from regular pre paid cards in the way the information is read from them by the card reader.

A regular prepaid debit card stores its data on a magnetic stripe that must be physically swiped through a card reader or on a microchip which must be inserted into a Chip & PIN device.

A contactless pre paid debit card, on the other hand, stores its data on a microchip embedded in the card’s plastic. The microchip is fitted with a radio antenna that is capable of transmitting the card’s data to a card reader without physical contact.

Using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, a contactless pre paid credit card can transmit data to a special RFID card reader when the cardholder waves his card within a few inches of the receiver.

  • Who accepts contactless prepaid cards? Up until very recently, contactless prepaid credit cards were only accepted at select convenience stores, gas stations, movie theaters, and fast food restaurants. However, the main driving force behind contactless card movement is to persuade consumers to use plastic conveniently at places which have traditionally been cash-intensive. Doing so would speed transaction times and reduce lines. While few merchants accept the contactless payments right now, the technology is expected to catch on soon and most prepaid card issuers are watching the market trends carefully with widespread rollouts are predicted in the months and years to come.
  • Who issues contactless prepaid credit cards? Contactless prepaid cards are available from the major scheme providers with badges such as MasterCard PayPass, Visa Contactless and American express pay
    . There are few examples of successful contactless prepaid cards currently but some successes would be the limited edition MasterCard contactless prepaid cards for the 2007 Brit Awards as well as a pilot programme to help deliver the first stadium contactless prepaid card in Europe, the Manchester City FC MasterCard® Prepaid Seasoncard with PayPass(TM), with MBNA and MasterCard to replace the standard season ticket currently issued to supporters.
  • Are they safe? With contactless cards, you do not actually need to use your your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to complete a transaction and undoubtedly, this element of contactless cards makes consumers slightly nervous and unsure about using these cards. However, the cards can currently only be used to make micropayments – which means that they are restricted for use on transactions of up to £10 only. So if someone did manage to steal or misuse your card, your exposure is very limited. Furthermore, as long as you inform your bank as soon as possible that your card is missing, you will not be liable for any fraudulent transactions either. On occasion, your PIN may be requested to confirm that you are the cardholder and you are still in possession of the card.

The Contactless technologies provided by the leading scheme managers are as follows:

  • MasterCard Paypass
  • Visa Paywave
  • American express pay

One of the biggest dilemmas faced by prepaid card issuers is the area of how to make money with contactless prepaid cards as well as how to educate consumers about their use and convince them that contactless pre paid cards are indeed safe and secure to use.

Universities are now starting to look at the benefits of these cards as they provides identity features which include details such as the student’s personal data and photograph printed on the plastic and typically access to university buildings and labs and secure areas around the canteens, etc is managed using the card’s magnetic stripe and embedded chip. In fact, access to to different rooms of the university, such as laboratories, libraries or classrooms can be automatically approved or limited. Contactless plastic can also be used to log the attendance of students at exams, classes, events and seminars in addition to providing access to internet and university web services.

bayad center franchise for Your Entrepreneurial Soul – 12 Lower-Cost Opportunities

If you are like many smart people today, say a stay at home mom, furloughed executive, part-time consultant, or burnt-out whatever, you might be looking for more. Do you want something different, something sane, something fulfilling, or something that actually pays you what you’re worth? If so, you might be interested in opening your own business. It’s easier than you think and it doesn’t always have to cost a ton of money.

You have heard your yoga pals and parents at soccer practice talking about their successful multi-level marketing businesses (think Rodan + Fields, Stella and Dot or Pampered Chef), but that’s not really your style and you really want to own your own business. What else is there? Well, one way to work from home, work flexible hours, have the support of other business experts, but still call your own shots is to buy a bayad center franchise.

The best way to start your own business or choose a bayad center franchise is to consider your passions, your goals, and your resources. Suppose you have a heart of gold, love caring for others, or you really miss the excitement of small children now that your kids are a little older now. There are definitely some great options out there for you where you can earn money doing something you love. It’s the best of all worlds.

Lots of the top bayad center franchise, home-based or not, are very costly to purchase, so let’s focus on those have an entry point cost of $40k or less (some even start at under $100!). Here are twelve franchise opportunities that may be right for you from both an interest and out-of-pocket standpoint.

If travel is what you love and you are always telling friends and families where the best resorts in the Maldives are, how to plan a peerless adventure to Disney, or which hotel group offers the best “points” for your stay, then maybe you should consider a franchise with one of these three travel agency groups:

    1. Travel Leaders is a worldwide company steeped in history, as the original business was founded in 1872. With more than 350 bayad center franchise in the U.S. alone, the company offers training, marketing and other support.


    1. While Results! Travel is a part of Travel Leaders, it may be just what you are looking for. If you already have your own agency and want to tap into additional resources, Results! Travel allows you to maintain your agency name.


  1. As a Cruise Planners franchise owner, you have your own home-based, full-service travel agency, with the resources and support of American Express Travel Services.

These three travel agency groups have franchises with startup costs beginning around $1,000 up to $27k.

Health-minded, caring entrepreneurs like you have many angles to consider, even at the lower bayad center franchise startup costs. There are franchises serving young and old clientele, and they can be very lucrative. Here are three to consider

Navis Pack and Ship Centers bills payment franchise

Navis Pack and Ship Centers was originated in the year 2002 as a bills payment franchise by its parent company namely Navis Logistics Network. Navis Logistics Network was started in 1980 in Denver Colorado as a retail store nurtured and expanded in 1984.

Navis Logistics Network was developed with its franchise called Handle with Care Packaging Store, and then sold off in 2008. Apart from Handle with Care Packaging Store, Navis Logistics Network has also opened another new franchise store which is known as Navis Pack and Ship Center today.

Navis Pack and Ship Centers are dedicated to and specialize in shipping materials that are valuable or difficult to ship. Navis is ranked tenth largest franchiser in Colorado by Denver Business Journal. Navis Pack and Ship Centers uses the best and well known shipment and cargo services like United Parcel Services, FedEx or Yellow.

Serving their customers for more than twenty five years they are skilled, proficient and specialist in delivering or shipping consignment. Be it furniture, house hold stuffs, delicate material or anything important Navis Pack and Ship Centers takes care of your entire consignment and delivers it with due responsibility. They also take consignments of shipping on national as well as international levels, small moves; transfer crating, pick up and delivery and so on.

Today they are spread across more than fifty five locations in United States and Canada serving with an entire range of logistics and shipping solutions.

Franchise fees average $32,500 with a total investment amount between $91,800 and $178,500. This bills payment franchise agreement once agreed and approved has a validation period of ten years.

If you are planning to send important, valuable, delicate, electronics or any precious consignment, you do not have to worry. Navis Pack and Ship Centers takes care of it properly and responsibly and will serve you with wide range and variety of shipping and logistics related customized services making it a one stop shop for all your shipping related queries and needs.

When looking to start any business it is important, particularly considering today’s market, that you look for specific ways to cut minimize or reduce overhead and risk. Any business is going to have risk, but it is important to have a full understanding of the amount of investment, startup cost and “ROI” (Return on Investment).

Did you know that 80% of ALL bills payment franchise endeavors fail in the first two to five years leaving large debts looming for years thereafter?

10 Surefire Steps to Hire a Good security companies in birmingham

If you ask 10 people who carries the bulk of the responsibility for protecting America’s homeland 8 out of 10 of them would probably blurt out “Police.” While the police do an excellent job protecting our citizens, security companies in birmingham officers often go as the unsung heroes! According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, the private security industry is responsible for protecting more than 85% of the nation’s critical infrastructure. In most cases security officers outnumber police officers 2 to 1. According to the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial fund there are approximately 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers and federal agents. According to a report prepared by ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security) there are nearly 2 million full-time security workers in the United States. Experts expect this number to increase by 21% percent through 2020. To add to these staggering numbers there are thousands of private security firms in the US and new companies are popping up everyday.

With so many security companies to choose from it is important to use careful consideration when selecting a security companies in birmingham provider. Choosing the right security firm not only protects your property and your people, it helps to protect your business in cases of litigation (Which can save you tons of money down the line). Choosing the right security firm also can protect your business reputation, which can be severely damaged by even the smallest security incident. History has proven that trying to rebound from an embarrassing security incident can be a very challenging and expensive task.

So let’s go through my 10 Surefire tips to hire a reputable security firm to address your security needs. The first step in the process starts with doing a Google search for security companies in the area or checking with the venue where you will be holding your event. Oftentimes they will have a vendors list. Next you should send out RFP’s (Request for Proposals) which are formal or RFQ’s (Request for Quotes) which are informal. Whichever, method you choose should include the vetting of a least 3 vendors. Once you gather the vendors’ information follow my 10 Surefire best practices and you will be well on your way to selecting the best vendor for your job:

    • Vet the prospects’ security companies in birmingham experience (with a special focus on the projects similar to yours)


    • Review the prospects’ years in business, past clientele and past performance. Don’t get all excited because the prospect drops a big name (Having a big name client is one thing, but doing a shabby job at it is another).


    • Visit each prospect’s website paying special attention to content, ease of navigation, services and especially the “About Us” sections. Lack of information in a prospect’s “About Us” section should be a sign, “Buyer Beware.”


    • Request information about Professional Associations in which the company and management team are affiliated. Companies who are serious about what they do will usually be associated with associations such as ASIS, ISMA (INTERNATIONAL SECURITY MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION), or IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police). Board certifications such as the ASIS- PSP (Physical Security Professional), CPP (Certified Protection Professional and the PSI (Professional Certified Investigator are definitely a plus.


    • Request and review each prospect’s executive leadership and management experience. Proven years in police or security companies in birmingham “management” is always a good sign.


    • Review the prospects’ social media presence to include content, reviews, followers and engagement with current security companies in birmingham issues (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)


    • Request and review the prospects’ marketing material to include brochures, capability statements, etc.


    • Request and review the prospects’ insurance levels ( 1 million in General Liability is normally sufficient)


    • Inquire about guard training. A good training program should include (observation, report writing, use of force, effective communication, incident management, tort law, arrest law, criminal law, constitutional law, bomb identification and evacuation) and;


  • Consider pricing

Have you noticed that pricing was the last thing on this list? That wasn’t done by mistake. Pricing is the poisonous apple of doing business with a security firm. Yet, it is oftentimes the first thing that those looking to hire a company considers; sometimes it’s the only thing. While I understand that the bottom line drives many business decisions, I caution that when the poisonous apple is bitten, it often bites back. Choosing a security companies in birmingham firm based on the lowest price often costs businesses major losses in finances from lawsuits and crime and even more in frustration from complaints of absenteeism and unprofessional and unethical conduct. Therefore, I strongly recommend against using the lowest responsible bidder process altogether. Instead, I suggest using the above tips to find the best fit for the job at hand. More often the difference between the highest bidder and the lowest bidders is usually only a couple hundreds of dollars and to me it’s well worth the money.

7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Private security company in birmingham

Every smart business owner understands how important it is to hire a private security company in birmingham in today’s times when crimes have become so common that one robbery takes places every five minutes or so in one area or the other. Many private security companies can be found on the internet and in the Yellow Pages but have many of those companies actually provide superior quality security services? We just don’t know. But here are some questions that can help you find out whether the private security company in birmingham you’re thinking about hiring has got to prove some mettle or not.

How Do You Train The Security Officers?

This question can give you a great deal of insight on whether the security guards the company will provide you with will perform their duty well or not. If the protective officers and guards are given security training by professionals, it’s good to know because you can at least rely on them to save you from a unfortunate incident.

Are The Security Guards Trained By Certified Professionals?

Another question you shouldn’t forget to ask is whether the security officers are trained by certified professional or not. Security training professionals are highly skilled experts who specialize in security training, armed combat along with firearm using skills, etc. Every security guard must be given formal security training so that he can do his job diligently.

Do Security Guards Practice Unarmed Defensive Tactics?

Using firearms is not the only answer for keeping unfortunate incidents at bay. Protective officers especially those protecting college campuses and schools must know how to use unarmed defensive tactics. Unarmed defensive tactics are all about handling various potentially harmful situations without using any fire weapons.

Are Background Checks Performed on Security Officers?

All reputed private companies hire Protective officers after performing thorough background checks. Background checks are performed to ensure that the individuals they are about to hire do not have any criminal records or complaints lodged against them. So it wouldn’t hurt to ask if the security guards are background checked by the private protective companies before referring them to third party employers.

Are Security Officers Trained to Handle Medical Emergencies?

Nowadays, the private security industry has become very competitive and to have an edge over other companies, additional training is given to security officers like medical training. Some companies train their security officers to handle medical emergencies know how to give mouth to mouth resuscitation, assisting the wounded with first aid kits, etc.

Do Armed Security Officers Hold Licenses?

The security guards you’re about to hire must hold licenses for handling firearms. Licensing ensures that the firearms won’t be mishandled. Also make sure the licenses are awarded to them by state regulated agencies.

Cheap Discount vape cigarette

In earlier times, cigarettes were hand rolled products comprised of indigenous nicotine leaves. This resulted in endless bouts of coughing and swallowing of tobacco leaves. Modern cigarettes have come a long way. The use of filters, processed tobaccos and tight tobacco fills has made vape cigarette smoking a pleasant and hassle free experience. Smoking cigarettes is not encouraged since nicotine is highly addictive. However, the irony is, people are more than willing to buy cheap discount cigarettes.

Nicotine is a powerful, central nervous system stimulant and is classified as a drug. However, cigarettes are not considered to be drugs and are used by a large number of people. Dependency and its habit-forming nature result in enormous cigarette consumption everyday. For this reason, a number of smokers opt for cheap discount cigarettes. This saves a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Consumption of vape cigarette is a compulsive habit for most people. This trend of regular and ever-increasing consumption increases a manufacturers production proportionately. Most cigarettes are at par in relation to price. For this reason, cheap discount cigarette attract customers to different brands.

When a customer decides to buy cheap discount cigarettes, it is advisable to consider the freshness of these vape cigarette. There have been instances when people have had to settle for stale cigarettes. Most cheap discount cigarettes are available in bulk quantities. For this reason, users are likely to buy them to eliminate the chance of running out.

vape cigarette smoking provides pleasure at ordinary times and comforts the user in times of worry, anger and other tensions. Sale of vape cigarette to minors is a punishable offence. However, cheap discount cigarette offers are attractive to this vulnerable lot. For this reason, manufacturers have strict guidelines pertaining to sale of cheap discount cigarettes.